God morgon i vinterlandet - Good morning in winterland

Yes, it's fun, isn't it? Now, when we all long for spring, there will be snow in large quantities. We here in the interior of Småland (yes, if you do not count the Jönköping area then!) Were lucky anyway and probably only got a few dm. But it's enough !!! Seems like the misery will remain as well but next week it will be warmer so then we hope for melting * s *.

Isn't it funny? Now, when all are longing for spirng, we'll get a lot of snow. Where I live we did not get as much as at other places, but 1 dm is enough. Seems like it's gonna last too but next week it should be warmer and we can only hope it'll melt then LOL.

I have been challenged by Birgitta at  Nicolina's home  (sorry, I have not learned to link yet !!) to show what I think is  best  and  plague  in my home. When walking around here at home, it's hard you think is the plague, but in the end I agreed that it must be this:

ve been challenged by Bridget on the blog  Nicolinas abode  to show what I think is  best  and  plague  into my home ( it rimes on Swedish !!). When you are in it all the time you think that many things are plague, but at last  agreed that it had to be this:
I just hate this awful couch + coffee table. We got the table from my son and his partner, but it's something I've regretted ever since. So it's going out. Then I just hope the couch goes the same way soon. I want a sofa and an armchair instead. Since the old man wants the "beautiful" rug for this does not make things better ...

I just hate this terrible sofa + the table. We got the table from my son and his fiancée, but that's something I've regretted since. As soon as I found a nice table it'll go away. Then I can only hope that the sofa will go the same way. I want an ordinary sofa and a chair instead. The fact that my dear husband wants to have this "beautiful" carpet there too does not make things better ...
ag funderade mycket på vad som är bäst också och där finns många saker som är bra. Huset är lagom stort t ex. Men en sak jag gillar väldigt mycket är vår trädgård. Den är inte iordninggjord och där finns inget att yvas över när det gäller den, men den är stor och man kan göra lite vad man vill där. Vill ungarna spela fotboll så är det bara att sparka. Gräsmattan ser väldigt kuperad ut på den här bilden men så är det inte i verkligheten. Det är bara den lilla "kullen" till vänster (som döljer en gammal björkrot!) som är kuperad, annars är det helt plant.

I was thinking a lot about what is best here and I must say it's our garden. There is nothing to boast about when it comes to the garden, but it's big and you can do whatever you want to. If the kids wants to play football (soccer) they can do it whitout any problems. The lawn looks very undulating on this picture but the only "hill" in this garden is the one to the left (hides an old root of a birch!).

Nu skulle jag utmana tre stycken också ja. De jag valt denna gången är Sissi med bloggen Sissimor, bloggen Solvarm och bloggen Lisbeth sin lille verden. Hoppas att ni antar utmaningen.

Now I shall clallenge three bloggers. The once I've chosen this time is Sissi with the blog Sissimor, the blog Solvarm  and the blog  Lisbeth's little world . I hope you're taking the challenge.

Now it's time to do some good here at home. Hope you have a good week. Stamps are to be painted here today because there are lots of people in my vicinity who will be celebrating their birthdays in the near future. Have a good one.

It's time to do some use here. I hope you'll get a good week. I'm going to paint some stamps today. Have lots of people around me that is having their birthdays in the near future. Have a good day.